Thursday, October 13, 2011

7 STEPS TO LAUNCH A MOVEMENT! (Student-Led School Improvement 2.0)

Step 1: Reconnaissance  (What’s working & what’s not working?)
Focus groups
Community walkabout
Data review
Key informant interviews

Step 2: Assemble Your Team  (Street Team of Youth & Core Team of Adults)
Diverse group of “Influencers”
A few trusted adult “Confidantes”

Step 3: Training  (What are we going to do?)
Roles & Responsibilities
Commitments & Opportunities

Step 4: Empowerment  (Branding & Design)
Identity of “The Movement”

Step 5: Mobilize  (Tactics)
Stealth Rollout & Marketing Plan

Step 6: Call To Action  (Launch “The Movement”)

Step 7: Stay Relevant  (Monitor, Sustain, Course Correction)

Formula: Students + Angst + Technology = A Movement
Think:  “James Tate Prom Gesture”, “Arab Spring”, “Flash Mob”, and “Occupy Wall Street”