Friday, December 2, 2011

Thinking About Doing a Social Norms Campaign?

The 2008 National Social norms conference featured Clayton Neighbors, Ph.D where he emphasized that “The heated question of whether or not social norms marketing works has been definitely answered with recent comprehensive evaluations.  Moreover, we have moved beyond debating whether or not social norms works and have entered a new era in which we identify the conditions under which social norms approaches are most likely to have significant impact on the behaviors targeted.”

Since then, we have received calls and requests from our colleagues across the country who have not only heard of the social norms strategy but wondered what conditions should be in effect before investing time, treasures and talents in a campaign.  The Concierge Approach is the service-based solution that helps improve upon particular school and community culture and climate challenges.  We have worked with over 60 schools and communities across 20 states in training and implementation of their social norms campaigns.  In over 10 years, we have developed sound processes and strategies and our “conditions” have been time-tested and refined.  

The “conditions” within the Concierge Approach that have proven to be real “game changers” and difference makers are:
·      We make site visits to each community as each has unique characteristics, challenges, strengths and histories.
·      We implement our model for readiness assessment and capacity building called “The Essential Attributes for a Successful Start”.
·      We fully train all identified stakeholders in implementation of this approach including roles and responsibilities, the art and the science of change and bringing theory to practice.
·      We custom-build surveys that include perception questions as well as questions that gather specific information requested by principals, faculty, staff and other key stakeholders.
·      We review your existing data and implement our “4 Prong Process” to gather additional information through (1.) Focus Groups, (2.) Key Informant Interviews, (3.) Community Walkabouts and (4.) Optional Town Hall Style Meetings.
·      Each campaign is custom-branded and a personalized marketing plan is developed based upon the unique characteristics of your school/community.
·      A thorough post-campaign evaluation and sustainability plan are prepared and reviewed together.

This strength-based strategy is cost effective as it is an environmental approach that is universal in its application.  When a group of people is organized, empowered and mobilized with an authentic voice and message, they can become a formidable influence capable of impacting a school and community’s culture of success.

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