Friday, February 3, 2012

Managing Environmental Strategies Vs. One-Time Events

It’s no secret that funding is awarded to coalitions whose strategic plans include implementation of environmental strategies.  Evidence shows that environmental strategies implemented over time produce measurable results.  However, we have heard from many who wonder if implementation has to be so complicated.  Absolutely not!  The manageability secret lies in the design of your campaign and is directly related to the level of engagement of your coalition members and key stakeholders.

Level 1:  Newly formed or newly funded coalitions might want to begin their efforts at the “Readiness Assessment and Capacity Building” level.  Specific components that are of greatest benefit to them as we work together are:

·         Exploring the “Essential Steps to a Successful Campaign”

·         Rating the strength of each of the essential steps

·         Determining strategies to build capacity where needed

·         Gaining buy-in from additional key stakeholders

·         Creating timelines, assigning tasks, developing roles, responsibilities and next steps

Level 2:  Coalitions that have made the decision to implement a social norms campaign and have all the essential components in place are ready to begin the training and implementation phase.  At this level, communities partner with us to:

·         Receive training of all coalition members, key stakeholders and interested community members

·         Secure buy-in and community support

·         Assign roles and responsibilities and create timelines

·         Assess current data and gather additional local, relevant data specific to the campaign

·         Supply input into message development, branding of the campaign and marketing design

·         Students and other target audiences are recruited and trained, campaign is rolled out, implemented and plans for sustainability are built

Level 3:   When a community feels stuck and frustrated because their social norms campaigns did not achieve the results they had hoped for hope to assess successes and challenges and make course corrections that bring success and maximizes the investment in time, treasures and talents that they have already made.  There are a number of reasons why communities find themselves at this level of disappointment.  For these coalitions, the following boosters have proven helpful:

·         Review, evaluate areas of effectiveness, troubleshoot and plan for course correction

·         Recruit new members and key stakeholders

·         Reenergize target audience

·         Refresh campaign branding and design

·         Improve connection between messaging and activities and events that support the message

·         Retrain key stakeholders
We hope that you remain excited about implementing the Social Norms strategy to address your target issue.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to collaborate on the design of your campaign to make implementation manageable.