Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can Employee Satisfaction Equal Great Customer Service?

Competition can be great within companies as they compete for the same markets offering similar products.  The real “gamechanger” may be GREAT (not just good) customer service!  Many believe that employees who are bonded and attached to their company may be the best kept secret in improving customer service.  Being bonded and attached is not enough, I would argue.  Utilizing Hawkins and Catalano’s “Social Development Strategy”, your employees need skills, opportunity and recognition.  When you provide skills, opportunity and recognition appropriately, with fidelity and with cultural competency, a natural outcome might just be improved employee satisfaction and greater customer service to consumers of your products. 
Is there a process that can be implemented?  Consider organizing, empowering and mobilizing your existing workforce to be the very carriers of the behaviors your company desires. 
  1. Data Collection and Needs Assessment
  2. Strategic Planning and Implementation
  3. Evaluation and Sustainability.
Valuing your employees can lead to a natural outcome of employee satisfaction.  Then, employee satisfaction can lead to great customer service which, in turn, could lead to capturing a greater share of the market in a competitive world of similar products and services.

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