Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Does the Concierge Approach Align with the SPF?

As coalitions and agencies write and submit their strategic plans for the upcoming fiscal year, it is important to note that our staff has extensive experience regarding SAMHSA'S Strategic Prevention Framework that grantees must adhere to. The Concierge Approach™ absolutely aligns with SAMHSA’S Strategic Prevention Framework.

The Strategic Prevention Framework steps include:  Assessment, Capacity Building, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation.

The Concierge Approach™ Steps:

Phase 1: Planning & Training (organize& empower)

Phase 2: Data Collection & Information Gathering (assess target audience & target issue)

Phase 3: Campaign Development (create campaign branding & marketing plan)

Phase 4: Campaign Implementation (empower/ mobilize/ call to action)

Phase 5: Review & Evaluate (is anyone better off?)

You will notice that Assessment, Capacity Building and Planning occur throughout Phases 1, 2 and 3 of The Concierge Approach™.

Implementation of the SPF aligns with The Concierge Approach™, Phase 4.

Evaluation occurs in The Concierge Approach™ Phase 5.

We have collaborated with many sites as they write their strategic plans that meet the requirements of the funders and wish you the best as you continue your efforts!

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