Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working With "Difficult Populations"

While doing some research, I discovered that a huge emphasis on Staff and Professional Development will require best practices training for working with what is now referred to as "difficult populations."  The problem statement might be summed up like this:

Most adults work easily with the traditional leaders of a school but are looking for the skills to work with “difficult populations”

Working with over 60 schools across 20 states, we have found that a real "GAMECHANGER" can be in understanding the difference between a "leader" and an "influencer".  Adults will quickly seek the input of "traditional" leaders like the Student Council president, the captain of the soccer team, the Lead in the annual musical, etc.  However, there are so many more "influencers" who are GREATLY affecting the culture and climate at any given site.  Instead of lamenting this fact, we empower people to harness that influence and power!  You see, it's possible, that students being identified as "difficult populations", in reality, may be the students whose gifts, talents, opinions and thoughts are underutilized and underincorporated, resulting in feelings of disenfranchisement and disconnectedness.  No doubt that there are those with addiction issues, mental health challenges, and any number of issues affecting their behavior in school who do need additional services.  But we are saying that many young people are thrown into a category and labelled as "difficult" when, in reality, they may have never been given skills, opportunity and recognition they are seeking.

We will be announcing a 1-Day Professional Development training called "Harnessing the Untapped Power Hiding in Plain Sight". 

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