Monday, April 9, 2012

Talk to the Machine???

We conduct trainings on site instead of selling videos and how-to manuals.  In a world where too many times machines replace workers and talents are outsourced to technology, there is a demand for human contact, personal touch and connections and collaborations among professionals.  In fact, economists and marketing specialists remind us that large corporations envy the fact that small businesses can provide "closeness to the customer" that large organizations cannot. 

Maintaining "closeness to the customer" translates into speed:  speed of trust, speed of decision-making, speed of problem solving and speed of course correction where needed.  We feel that we can truly listen and effectively and efficiently become partners who join you in your good work.  We strongly acknowledge and value the giftings and talents of the champions we have the awesome privilege of working with. 

As there are many choices for similar products and services, the difference maker and game changer still lies in connecting with people and in understanding their needs and providing excellent customer service.

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