Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ever attended meetings where the people meet only to plan another meeting?  I came across this poem, again, and thought of all you "Difference-Makers" & "GameChangers" who get frustrated by the red tape and bureaucracy that occurs in the world of education because of the lack of courageous and creative ACTIONS like putting students in charge of solving their own problems and like sending teachers to trainings that they can actually implement on day 1 that makes a difference and like enlisting parents to start their own movement supporting each other as they strive to raise productive and respectful children!!! :

I'm Afraid I Can't Attend the Next Meeting
by Sureva Towler
published in Crazy Woman Creek, Women Rewrite the American West

Because I don't want to
hear any more bold, imaginative new ideas,
revisit the mission statement,
review another set of minutes
be empowered.

Because I'm tired of partnerships, coalitions and collaboration,
assessing resources
strategic planning
checking the e-mail.

Because I don't need another
bigger-than-life item on my resume,
a membership card,
tax exemption.

Because I want to
effect change rather than discuss it,
have a bake sale instead of doing lunch,
do something, anything,
have another meeting.

Listen up sister.
It's time to toss the Day-Timer,
get off the Internet and into the streets.
Because meetings may be cool,
that ain't where it's at.

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