Friday, August 31, 2012


MOST SCHOOLS are well underway and we have heard from many teachers and administrators who are now evaluating standardized test scores from last spring.  Many are not satisfied.  Reading the data for schools that have implemented Time To Teach!, I am amazed at how test scores have increased!  A California middle school reports going from 30% to 90% on the math section after only a few years of teachers being trained in Time To Teach!  Additionally, principals report reduction of discipline referrals by 70% and an 80-90% decrease in pesky, low-level behaviors in actual classrooms.  They are reporting that they are much more able to be in classrooms and connecting with students than spending time on discipline matters.  Teachers are reporting having more time to do what they love and are finding so much more reward and satisfaction and aren't so exhausted when they get home.  Contrary to popular belief, teachers have lives and very interesting and important lives at that!!!

As administrators and teachers continue to search for ways to help students improve test scores, many are finding the actual data of Time To Teach! schools fascinating.  It’s NOT that the adults in schools aren’t working hard; they are giving so much time and energy in efforts to help students be successful and, in many cases, are exhausted!  So, let me encourage you to look at the actual data, consider how a one-day training would look if implemented at your school and make an informed decision to finally INVEST in a proven strategy that would truly make a difference in test scores, productivity, less wasted time and energy and renewed interest and excitement by students and the adults!

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