Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time To Teach! Teach with passion, manage with compassion.

The best marketers are advising businesses that most people want products that are “quick, cheap and easy”, while still expecting the same level of quality as in the past.  The image that quick, cheap and easy conjures up doesn’t sit well with us because it implies a sub-standard product.  While that mentality may be something we sometimes feel forced to live with, such as in the educational world, we would encourage you to reframe it differently.  Instead of quick, think “time-efficient”.  Instead of cheap, substitute the word, “cost-effective”.  For the word easy, replace it with “doable” and “manageable”.  This reframe allows us to maintain high standards even with limited resources of time, treasures and talent.

Time To Teach! is an evidence-based strategy that accommodates limited time because it is a one-day training that returns to teachers’ valuable instructional time almost immediately.  Additionally, it is very cost-effective, requiring only the standard training fee and the Training Resource Manual.  Thirdly, implementation is very doable and manageable as teachers report utilizing the concepts and skills the very next day.

Your influence and impact with your students is priceless.  Don’t settle for quick, cheap and easy!  Learn more.  jancampain@comcast.net

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