Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awesome Activity Suggestion!

There is so much research about all the benefits of “connected” kids.  The “Wingspread Declaration on School Connections” says that one of the most effective strategies for increasing the likelihood that students will be connected to school is to ensure that every student feels close to at least one supportive and caring adult at school. 

Here is an activity we have not only used, but have taught others about:

·         Teachers will circulate a current yearbook, making sure that all faculty and staff members get a chance to look through it. 

·         Each teacher and staff member will mark the picture of every student that they know and have enough of a relationship with to be able to check with the student about how school life is progressing, comment on positive extracurricular activities that student is involved in, learn of their interests and talents, and be able to confront them if any challenging situation arises. 

·         After every adult has had the opportunity to mark the students they know, a review is done and documentation is noted of all the students who have no marks by their pictures.  In this way, everyone is now aware of the students who are not necessarily bonded and connected and who may have no caring adult at school that they can go to. 

·         Now, teachers will meet and make commitments regarding the identified “disconnected” students they will make efforts to connect with and to get to know, making sure that every student knows they have an adult they can count on.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Benefits of Time To Teach for Parents

  • Parents will appreciate their children being in an orderly and disciplined classroom
  • After school, parents will be glad to greet happy and productive kids rather than ones frustrated by a day spent in a chaotic classroom
  • Parents will have the assurance that their children are spending more time learning than being subjected to repeated disruptions

Friday, September 14, 2012

Time To Teach! Benefits for Principals and Administrators

Time To Teach! Benefits to Principals and Administrators
  • Relieves you of petty disciplinary responsibilities and frees you to supervise education
  • Allows you to spend more positive time with students
  • Brings greater parent support
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Allows you to actually supervise instruction, review curriculum and develop new programs
  • Allows you more time to do what you love, what you were trained to do, what you are passionate about and what you were hired to do

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time To Teach Benefits for Teachers

I will always remember my first teaching job where I was hired the night before school and was assigned 4 different "preps" in my MINOR, no less.  It was "do or die", "sink or swim" and many other cliches I can think of.  I NEEDED this job! Most memorable was the fact that I really didn't get much training in college regarding classroom management and discipline.  While being able to deal with content, it was the daily disruptions that were most challenging! 

Here are a few of the benefits of the Time To Teach one-day training that, upon reflection of my own experences, I thought to be profound:
  • Teacher energy, formerly drained by repeated misbehavior, can now be poured into instructional duties
  • Time to Teach is based on fair and positive interactions with students so it allows teachers to maintain a positive tone
  • Students write their OWN "Refocus" forms which is actual documentation that saves teachers enormous amounts of time
  • This one-day training empowers teachers to use techniques learned the very next day!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maximizing the Time In Schools

Have you ever been frustrated that too much instructional time is wasted on the discipline of just a few students who seem to always cause disruptions? 

What do you think could be some solutions?

Students who are usually well-behaved seem to be the ones forced to:

·         Be captive audiences for annoying teacher/student confrontations

·         Donate their valuable learning time to unruly students

·         Listen to lectures about matters that don’t concern them

·         Hear embarrassing student/teacher debates

·         Be placed in the uncomfortable position of taking sides

·         Take the fallout when the teacher and student reach an unbearable limit

Monday, September 3, 2012

Please Share Your Thoughts!

Happy Labor Day!  This week and next, please stay tuned and check in often as we explore the benefits of the Time To Teach! classroom management and discipline strategies and please join in the discussions.  We will be exploring the benefits to teachers, to students, to administrators and to parents.  Please share the website: with your friends and colleagues to join in the discussion!  We greatly value your opinions.

Getting started, here are a few questions to consider:

Does your school’s discipline system require teachers to:

1.      Keep all kinds of lists documenting who was warned and how many times?

2.      Keep all kinds of records documenting results of repeated warnings and multiple requests?

3.      Fill out elaborate referrals to administrators before ANY problem can be addressed?

4.      Carefully document every student/teacher/parent interaction?

5.      Does your school even have a concerted plan and effort?

6.      Do you need more work to do???


Please share your thoughts on this website by posting a comment!