Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awesome Activity Suggestion!

There is so much research about all the benefits of “connected” kids.  The “Wingspread Declaration on School Connections” says that one of the most effective strategies for increasing the likelihood that students will be connected to school is to ensure that every student feels close to at least one supportive and caring adult at school. 

Here is an activity we have not only used, but have taught others about:

·         Teachers will circulate a current yearbook, making sure that all faculty and staff members get a chance to look through it. 

·         Each teacher and staff member will mark the picture of every student that they know and have enough of a relationship with to be able to check with the student about how school life is progressing, comment on positive extracurricular activities that student is involved in, learn of their interests and talents, and be able to confront them if any challenging situation arises. 

·         After every adult has had the opportunity to mark the students they know, a review is done and documentation is noted of all the students who have no marks by their pictures.  In this way, everyone is now aware of the students who are not necessarily bonded and connected and who may have no caring adult at school that they can go to. 

·         Now, teachers will meet and make commitments regarding the identified “disconnected” students they will make efforts to connect with and to get to know, making sure that every student knows they have an adult they can count on.

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