Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time To Teach Benefits for Teachers

I will always remember my first teaching job where I was hired the night before school and was assigned 4 different "preps" in my MINOR, no less.  It was "do or die", "sink or swim" and many other cliches I can think of.  I NEEDED this job! Most memorable was the fact that I really didn't get much training in college regarding classroom management and discipline.  While being able to deal with content, it was the daily disruptions that were most challenging! 

Here are a few of the benefits of the Time To Teach one-day training that, upon reflection of my own experences, I thought to be profound:
  • Teacher energy, formerly drained by repeated misbehavior, can now be poured into instructional duties
  • Time to Teach is based on fair and positive interactions with students so it allows teachers to maintain a positive tone
  • Students write their OWN "Refocus" forms which is actual documentation that saves teachers enormous amounts of time
  • This one-day training empowers teachers to use techniques learned the very next day!

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