Sunday, October 21, 2012

There is so much renewed interest in finding a process to empower students to become agents of change that we are very excited to announce we have just completed our Training Manual for Student-Led Campaigns that addresses culture and climate issues that the students themselves identify! (One of the most identified issues is regarding disenfranchised youth and feeling disconnected from the school and adults)  We have assisted over 60 schools and communities across 20 states and have addressed such issues as graduation rates, attendance rates, advancing homework completion and assignment rates, respect, stress, texting and driving, teen pregnancy, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and parents supporting parents
What is a Concierge Approach Campaign?

The Concierge Approach is the service-product solution that helps improve upon particular school culture and climate challenges, because it delivers specifically customized and effective turnkey campaigns backed by research-based proven solutions.
The Concierge Approach is built on a convergence of theories that organize, empower and mobilize groups of people to identify and implement solutions to the very problems that challenge them.  This strength-based approach draws from the theories and practices of normative education, the science of change, the power of influence, social norms and social marketing, resulting in a community-based call to action.

The Concierge Approach is:

· A Call-To-Action for students to become the “carriers of the social epidemic”

·       An evidence-based strategy, universally applied

·       Driven by relevant and current data

·       A way to shine the light on health 

·       Strength-based approach
  •     A positive way to engage students and community as agents of change
·       A student implemented-adult facilitated strategy

·       Re-energizing to staff and community

·       Showing positive outcomes

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