Monday, January 28, 2013

In Jim's new book, Untapped Power (How to Harness the Unbridled Power of Our Youth), discover lessons wrapped in stories while working with over 60 schools and communities across 20 states! Chapter Titles include:
  1. Would You Just Come and Tell Us Your Story
  2. Crazy Enough to Care
  3. The Boy Who Loved to Go to Church
  4. Men in Tights
  5. You Have to Have Coffee at the Corner Drug Store
  6. Did You Know Abraham Lincoln?
  7. Please Tell Me When You See My Kid Screwing Up
  8. The Three Legged Stool
  9. Music Changed My Life
  10. A Powerful Formula
  11. Quick, Cheap and Easy
  12. Tying it All Together
  13. Final Thoughts
If you are a coalition leader, community organizer, educator, parent and/or anyone who values working with groups of people to effect meaningful change, this book is for you!
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jim's New Book: Untapped Power

Social change is just another good idea without a call-to-action. In my new book, Untapped Power (How to Harness the Unbridled Power of Our Youth), discover lessons wrapped in stories about how students, parent groups and community organizations have actually accomplished compelling change and learn the 7 Step Model: Step 1-Community Reconnaissance, Step 2-Assemble & Organize the Team, Step 3-Training, Step 4-Empowerment, Step 5-Mobilize, Step 6-The Call To Action!, Step 7-Monitor, Sustain &/or Course Correction. When groups of “influencers” are organized, empowered and mobilized with an authentic voice and message, they can become a formidable influence capable of impacting a culture of success. The difference-makers just may be hiding in plain sight. Many of you will recognize yourselves and our work together in chapters like: “Crazy Enough to Care”, “Music Saved My Life”, “The Boy Who Loved to Go to Church” and “Heart Attack at 70 MPH”. If you work with students, parents and community groups and organizations around social change, you should read this. * Discover techniques for engaging youth and other significant groups in Chapter 10 where you will read about the "Powerful Formula": Youth +Angst + Technology = A Movement. *Learn about the risks of "Quick, Cheap and Easy" and how CHANGE is a real process! *Understand how to harness the need to BELONG that is basic to most human beings!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chapter 3: "The Boy Who Loved to Go to Church"

One of my favorite chapters in Jim’s new book is “The Boy Who Loved to Go to Church”, where you will laugh and cry as you read about a young high school student who used his creativity and energy to make connections with people across the community because he lacked those all-important connections at home.  You will see how, on Saturdays and Sundays, he was a favorite “member” of many church congregations and groups! True Story!