Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hi.  It's Jan and Jim has agreed to let me be a "guest blogger" this week!  Here it is and I hope someone finds it of value
"Teachers can do anything” was the reason given to me by a former Governor of Louisiana when she wanted to hire me as part of her staff.  I have often reflected on this belief which has been confirmed many times as I sat through trainings, classes and presentations.  Just because someone is an expert in his or her field or has extensive knowledge about a product or service, does NOT mean that they can present material to others effectively.  Think back to the times you sat in class conducted by a Ph.D. and it was so boring that you fell asleep or got nothing of value out of that lecture!  Remember the trainings that you were required to sit through and got very little that could be of use.  I remember the time someone told me at the beginning of a day-long presentation that if I got one strategy that I could use, it would be worth it.  That is unconscionable! 

Now, the positive aspect of this reflection is that a gifted teacher and trainer can learn anything and then present it.  Maybe it’s time that Corporate America streamlines their approach to training staff and employees by first making teachers proficient and knowledgeable about their desired processes, product presentation and service providing and then enlisting them to do trainings.  These trained professionals will surely use research-based methods and proven best practices while bonding and attaching participants to desired outcomes.  Consider this an investment that will most assuredly pay dividends!

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