Sunday, September 4, 2016

HUGE Lesson Learned: Make SURE to Invest in READINESS...

Change management in any school, community or organization is usually worthwhile, yet extremely challenging!  Start by asking yourself, your team and your target audience the question, “Are we ready?”  Investing time, treasure and talent up front will surely pay huge dividends over the course of any initiative! 

What does it even mean to be “ready”?  Our best and most time consuming work is always in the readiness phase.  SAMHSA and other agencies and organizations identify this as the initial phase and tell you to “profile population needs, resources, and readiness to address needs and gaps”.  In our manual and trainings, we call the entire readiness process “Essential Attributes to a Successful Start”.   Whatever the terminology, here is what readiness encompasses:

1.      Vision and Sense of Purpose

2.      Mandate and Authority

3.      Project Manageability, Boundaries and Identification

4.      Time, Treasures and Talent

5.      Community Climate

6.      Cultural Competency

7.      Communication Plan

8.      Sustainability

For each of these readiness components, we take you through a series of questions, assessments and capacity building strategies.  As you follow the process, you are actually documenting so that much of your required reporting will already be done!  Who needs one more thing to do???

At the end of the above 8 steps, the lessons we learned are:

·         Is everyone at the table?  (This is a complete process in itself, but absolutely necessary at the beginning as people support what they help create!)

·         Make sure to maintain an accurate timeline and chart progress

·         Coordinate and document all details

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