Thursday, September 1, 2016

Strategic Prevention Framework Discussion #1

We are back!  Just updated our manual, Passport to Success, that is a compilation of processes and procedures for addressing identified issues, specifically prevention efforts!  This manual guides communities and coalitions in addressing issues while meeting the requirements of the Strategic Prevention Framework.  How do we know?  I have worked as the Executive Director of Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities program within the Governor's Office, State of Louisiana.  We received a 5-year SPF grant and were tasked with implementing a plan in the days when little information and guidance was available.  Additionally, Jim, Ray and I worked as part of a team assisting 60 schools and communities across 20 states in the creation, implementation and evaluation of their strategic plans.  Number one concern for me is that after receiving an award, those overseeing the award are at a loss as to where to begin!  The beginning may be overwhelming!  That's why we chronicled processes, procedures, lessons learned and course corrections. 

In the next several blogs, I will share much of our evidence-based strategies that are universally applied and how all efforts are driven by relevant and current data.  We espouse a strength-based approach to prevention efforts which re-energizes staff and community and that shows positive outcomes. 

Stay tuned!  Much more to come!
Jan Campain

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