Thursday, September 22, 2016


I know, I know…I have already, many times, lamented the fact that change managers often talk about what they want to have happen but seldom give a plan.  Examples might be to increase graduation rates, decrease drug use, get more parent involvement, clean up a neighborhood, etc., etc., etc….  I can NOT help myself but to lament again during this interesting political season.  I hear candidates, news commentators and contributors talking about increasing the minimum wage, decreasing crime, eliminating racism, providing more jobs, making college more affordable, providing healthcare for all and many other promises.  FOLKS, these are all OUTCOMES!!!  We need to hear the steps; the HOW of what they are going to do!!!  Give us the vital behaviors that will be used to achieve the goals and outcomes.  Then, give US, the general population, steps on how we can be part of those solutions.  Now that would be real leadership!

It is no wonder the general voting population, students, parents, communities feel detached and separated from solutions to the issues.  What is NEEDED to connect desired populations to the issues of concern is a JOB and an ACTION PLAN!  Maybe the job of REAL leaders is to provide a blueprint that includes vital behaviors that concerned citizens can get behind.  Maybe we are all tired of talk and want to help take ACTION.  Oh, don’t worry, when people want change, they will devise a way and it may not be to the liking of the leadership. 

No better time to consider Jim’s constant drumbeat: “When a group of people is organized, empowered and mobilized with an authentic voice and message, they can become a formidable influence capable of impacting a culture of success”. 


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