Thursday, September 8, 2016

What Do You Want to Change in Your School/Community/Organization?

In our continuing discussion on “readiness”, you may be asking, “What behaviors can be changed?”  Many of you have read our book, Untapped Power, and have seen the results of desired change.  (Haven't yet read our book?  Request a copy and I will be happy to mail one. Here is a list of some of the issues we have helped schools, communities and other organizations address:

·         Student Empowerment

·         Graduation rates

·         School attendance

·         Distracted driving

·         Parent interest and involvement

·         Substance abuse prevention/Underage drinking

·         Motivating students in alternative education settings

·         Creating healthy culture and climate within an organization

·         Healthy community values

·         (to name a few)


Some of the branding “tags” used to address issues were:

·         “We Run This”-to increase student leadership and empowerment

·         “Crazy Mammas”-parent involvement

·         “Undefeated”-graduation rates

·         “#DriverFail”-distracted driving

·         “Slow Your Roll”-stress and pharmaceutical abuse

·         “We On That Next-Level Swagga!”-school pride

·         “El Patriota”-overcoming false community perceptions regarding Hispanic students

·         “OWN (Own My Life, Own My Future)”-accepting personal responsibility

·         “Not For Sale”-parent and community values

·         “Solid Gold”-school pride

·         “Manifest Your Own Destiny”-ownership of your future endeavors

As you can see, you can make change and achieve desired outcomes when a proven process is followed, when you have the right people “on the bus” and when the target audience is given important and meaningful work. The issues to be addressed are only limited by the ideas and concerns of the key stakeholders.  Remember, people support what they help create!

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