Saturday, November 19, 2016

We Can't Go Back

Yes, the election is over and I will not presume to add my opinion.  However, I do not hesitate to offer my thoughts, specifically on the racially charged environment that seems to have raised many concerns and raised its ugly head.  I have HATED to hear the incessant chant, “take my country back”.  To me, this sounds too much like going back to a time when there was so much division and hatred and false ideas about whose country this is.  I would prefer that we would continue to “MOVE OUR COUNTRY FORWARD”.  I would merely like to recount my experiences:

  • I experienced integration, forced bussing and racial prejudice. 
  • I had a teacher that frequently said, “Those n-----s are coming to our school while displaying extreme disdain.
  • My sister’s teacher sprayed Lysol continually around the black kids because, according to this teacher, they smelled different.
  • I listened to students telling us, “The Black Panthers are coming through our town and all the black students will know to “hit the ground” and all the white children standing will be mowed down by automatic weapons”. 
  • I watched my mother spend strength and energy trying to make us FEEL what those few black families might feel sending their beautiful and beloved children into a racially charged environment where few children would look like them.
  • I know what it means to live in a world where the majority feared being relegated to a lower status.
  •  I am still grieving that my little kindergartener had to be bussed 45 minutes away from home so early in the morning that it was still dark outside. 
  • I know what it’s like to buy a home in a neighborhood with great schools only to find out that each year my children would have to endure getting accustomed to another school due to the fact that the “numbers” weren’t equal. 
  • I also experienced that through participation in sports, we learned understanding, kindness, support, and even love and respect for each other, no matter the color, religion, race or political slant!

There is so much more to this story and PLEASE, PLEASE listen to my heart and mind…WE DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK THERE!!!

Enough said.  I know.  You get my point.  I just had to speak out from experience…