Monday, May 1, 2017

It is here and available on Amazon, The Mysterious Miss Snoddy! This is a middle grade novel, written for 8-12 year olds, with an emphasis on American history.  The story is intended to captivate young readers with a thrilling adventure while igniting an interest in American history.  The Mysterious Miss Snoddy is history wrapped in a mystery!
   Jim will be available to provide readings and a ninety minute young writer’s workshop designed to encourage interest, enhance skills, and empower imaginations.  There is no cost for these presentations as it is his way of advancing a love and appreciation for the joy of reading and the art of writing.  Libraries, summer school classes, and youth activity centers and clubs are finding these opportunities to be a way to academically support and stimulate students during the summer months away from the classroom.
 If interested please contact us at you earliest convenience as booking dates are filling up.  Jim can be reached at or by phone at (970) 215-4191.  If you would prefer a signed copy, don't hesitate to contact us at that email address or phone number.

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