About Us

The Concierge Approach™ is the service-product solution that helps improve upon particular school culture and climate challenges, because it delivers specifically customized and effective turnkey campaigns backed by research-based proven solutions.

The Concierge Approach™ is built on a convergence of theories that organize, empower and mobilize groups of people to identify and implement solutions to the very problems that challenge them.  This strength-based approach draws from the theories and practices of normative education, the science of change, the power of influence, social norms and social marketing, resulting in a community-based call to action.  This approach, for instance, will allow a student body to take affirmative action to address a bullying problem that is plaguing the school climate by empowering the healthy majority that are neither the bully nor the bullied, to essentially say, “that’s not how we treat each other at our school.” Likewise, it would provide a framework for parents to coordinate their collective voices and address the issue of social hosting by other parents and adults in their community.

We have been able to utilize principles of The Concierge Approach™ in over 60 schools and communities in 20 states.  The strategy has been applied to such diverse issues as school attendance and graduation rates, school climate and culture, disenfranchised youth, underage drinking and substance abuse, student stress, distracted driving and with parents-supporting-parents campaigns.  Regardless of the issue identified by the school or community, your customized campaign becomes the vehicle for change.  Our campaigns show evidence of achieving the desired outcomes sought by the schools or communities with whom we engage.  We view you as the experts in your community and we have vast experience applying this strategy.  By joining our expertise we can find solutions that truly make a difference.  We believe the roots for change lie within the community; therefore, our very consumers can become agents of change and “carriers of the social epidemic”.