Our Team


Jim Campain, LCSW, is the co-founder of The Concierge Approach™ and the owner of Red Truck, LLC, a training, consulting and management firm.  Along with his wife and co-owner, Jan, they have assisted over 60 communities across 20 states to implement school and community- based prevention strategies.  Jim is a Faculty Consultant in the School of Social Work at Colorado State University, assisting graduate students during their internship placements.   Jim served as Student Assistance Coordinator for the Poudre School District for 30 years where he led the District’s mental health team, crisis response efforts and ATOD prevention programs.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, he maintained a private practice specializing in family and couple therapy as well as conducting child custody evaluations for family court.

Jim is currently on the Board of the National Student Assistance Association and an advisor to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County.

Jan Campain, along with her husband Jim, is a co-founder of The Concierge Approach™ and co-owner of Red Truck Training, Management and Consulting, LLC.  Together, they have trained and assisted over 60 schools and communities across 20 states with implementation of social change strategies addressing issues such as school improvement and student connectedness, improving graduation rates, drug and alcohol prevention efforts, improving attendance rates, teen pregnancy issues and other health related efforts. 

Recently, as coordinator of The School Partners Program initiative commissioned by the Daniels Fund, Jan Campain was charged with the creation and development of a model framework by which schools partner with businesses, agencies and individuals and where those partnerships are mutually beneficial to all and result in increased student achievement.

Prior to this position with the local school district, Jan was appointed as Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities, Governor’s Drug Policy Board, Governor’s Initiative to Build a Healthy Louisiana and served as a board member of the Governor’s Louisiana Interagency Council for the Homeless.  In August of 2005, with the occurrence of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, she was soon appointed to the Governor’s Hurricane Task Force.

Educated at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Jan Campain spent many years teaching Health, Physical Education and Social Studies in grades six through twelve as well as coaching basketball, football, volleyball and cross country.  In 1997, she was appointed as Executive Assistant to then Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. 


Jennifer E. Cross, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at Colorado State University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Davis. Her areas of expertise include community development, community attachment, inter-agency collaboration and professional social networks, research methods, social norms and social change. Dr. Cross has worked with public schools and community agencies on a variety of community-based participatory research projects centered on health promotion and community development. Recent projects have focused on improving community outreach, increasing school engagement, and increasing energy conservation.

Michelle Meyer Lueck is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at CSU. She earned her BA from Murray State University in Murray, KY in Sociology and her MA from CSU in Sociology. Her research interests include sociology of disaster, environmental sociology and community sustainability, and ways to create positive behavior change through social marketing and social norms campaigns. Michelle has worked on various research projects including disaster risk perception, organizational energy conservation, volunteer training program evaluation, environmental attitudes and behaviors, and evaluation of disaster response plans for individuals with disabilities.


Ray Romero is the Creative Director/Owner of his own marketing/design studio,THE FLAVOR CREATIVE, which specializes in Branding, Youth-Culture Marketing and Progressive Graphic Design.

Ray is a forward-thinking and visionary creative professional with a background in various areas of advertising, marketing and design. His specialty areas are concentrated around corporate branding, traditional advertising, experiential marketing and youth-culture related marketing.

Ray has been merging traditional (direct media, radio, broadcast and outdoor) with non-traditional new media (viral, web-driven solutions, street-teams) that actually resonate and “break through the clutter” of most of today’s standardized marketing attempts.

Ray has more than 14 years experience developing creative campaigns for some of the world’s most powerful brands such as HP, Blu-Ray Disc Technologies and Xerox Corp to name a few.


Spencer Slade is a recent graduate of Northern Arizona University. He received his BFA in visual communication, and quickly interned with Ray Romero at Flavor Creative shortly thereafter. He focuses his work on three main areas: graphic design, photography, and commercial/ fine art.
He was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Jim and Jan Campain have been close family friends for many years. Working under them, he helped brand The Concierge Approach, as well as develop the website.